AeroFarms 360 Experience

Facilitator Set-up


Please CLICK HERE to download that latest version of the AeroFarms Dell Visor 360 Experience. Also be sure to watch the video below to help guide you through the update process. And, as always if there are any problems give us a call at 208.297.9964.


- Dell Visor

- Laptop

- Headphones

Plug in the laptop, plug in headphones to the Dell Visor, then plug in the Dell Visor's HDMI cable and the USB cable into the laptop.

Once the Windows Mixed Reality Viewer is open click on the AeroFarms Dell App icon.

To start the experience the participant needs to look at the play button in the menu. 

When the experience is finished it will reset to the menu for the next participant.

The facilitator can look down at the Dell Logo to reset the experience to the menu.

The Dell Visor may go to sleep. If this happens - click Wake Up and then click on the AeroFarms Dell App icon. 

The Dell Visor has a size adjustment wheel on the back of the head band and the Visor can be lifted and lowered.

If the facilitator needs to assist the participant - first have the participant put on the headphones and then have them put on the Dell Visor. Give them some time to find a comfortable headset position before they start the experience.

For questions or concerns
call Erik at 208.297.9964 or e-mail at