360 on a boat!

More specifically a yacht. Waterways Cruises came to us to create 360 tours of their fleet of yachts. After some consideration we decided to use 360 video as it would give the viewers a sense of the space and movement of the yacht. Also, having the videos on Youtube allows for easy sharing and the option for viewers to jump into a headset to get a better immersive VR experience.

Check out the series below and go book a cruise with Waterways!

VR & 360 Video for Therapy

Recently the team at Top360 in Seattle has been collaborating with care facilities focused on treating brain injuries. Our first round of exploration was to create a series of relaxing and stimulating 360 video VR experiences. Depending on how the patients respond to the VR experiences, the care givers can narrow down what works and track their progress to better help in the healing process.

"What is Reality?" Bringing Some Augmented Reality to the Pacific Science Center

We are working with the Pacific Science Center to bring new AR content to their "What is Reality?" exhibit. First up - LightWrite! It is currently being play tested in the “What is Reality?” exhibit. An area that is dedicated to emerging technologies in the VR | AR | 360 world. Stay tuned for more interactive experiences. :)

Seattle Underground 360

Seattle Underground 360 filming

The King County Metro Condition Assessment Team along with a Cardno Assessment Team looked to Top360 to help in the inspection of the Light Rail bore tunnels. We spent the early morning hours running our 360 camera rig up and down the tunnels to capture the current condition.

Underground 360 camera rig

It was an exciting challenge to figure out the rig and the timing for the shoot. We accomplished filming all 8 bore sections in the 3 hour window when the buses and trains were stopped.

360 camera rig for underground transit shoot

Augmented Reality at the Roof Top Night Market

Tiny Planet Roof Top

We were honored to be a part of Voyager's Table - Roof Top Night Market.  A lot of people came out, and the event's proceeds went to the "Give It Back Foundation."

The crew at Voyager's Table asked us to create an Augmented Reality photo booth. The experience gave people the capability to write with light. It looks like everyone had a good time! Take a look below at some of their creations.

A 360 Vertical Farm with the Dell Visor

April was a packed month for Top360. Not only were we wrapping our Leap Motion project and the Sushi 360 - we started a new project with Dell and AeroFarms. To help show off the amazing work AeroFarms is doing Dell asked us to film a 360 tour of their high-tech vertical farm. We had a week to film, edit, review and deliver a Dell Visor 360 app ready for Dell Technologies World. With the coordinated efforts of the Dell IoT team, AeroFarms and Top360 - three Visor packages were ready to go for the conference! The 360 experience was enthusiastically received at DTW and is now being sent all over to help promote AeroFarms' ground breaking vertical farming technology.

A few behind the scene shots at AeroFarms

Getting the Dell Visors set-up and the launch at Dell World