A 360 Vertical Farm with the Dell Visor

April was a packed month for Top360. Not only were we wrapping our Leap Motion project and the Sushi 360 - we started a new project with Dell and AeroFarms. To help show off the amazing work AeroFarms is doing Dell asked us to film a 360 tour of their high-tech vertical farm. We had a week to film, edit, review and deliver a Dell Visor 360 app ready for Dell Technologies World. With the coordinated efforts of the Dell IoT team, AeroFarms and Top360 - three Visor packages were ready to go for the conference! The 360 experience was enthusiastically received at DTW and is now being sent all over to help promote AeroFarms' ground breaking vertical farming technology.

A few behind the scene shots at AeroFarms

Getting the Dell Visors set-up and the launch at Dell World