Insta360 Pro

Seattle Underground 360

Seattle Underground 360 filming

The King County Metro Condition Assessment Team along with a Cardno Assessment Team looked to Top360 to help in the inspection of the Light Rail bore tunnels. We spent the early morning hours running our 360 camera rig up and down the tunnels to capture the current condition.

Underground 360 camera rig

It was an exciting challenge to figure out the rig and the timing for the shoot. We accomplished filming all 8 bore sections in the 3 hour window when the buses and trains were stopped.

360 camera rig for underground transit shoot

Rolling up some 360 sushi

Top360 partnered up with Tosolini Productions to film some sushi in 360. Erik Scheel, Creative Director for Top360, lent his expertise in 360 production by directing the shoot using the Insta360 Pro. The shoot was a resounding success - unfortunately we can't go into any further details at this moment. Stay Tuned. :)