VR & 360 Video for Therapy

Recently the team at Top360 in Seattle has been collaborating with care facilities focused on treating brain injuries. Our first round of exploration was to create a series of relaxing and stimulating 360 video VR experiences. Depending on how the patients respond to the VR experiences, the care givers can narrow down what works and track their progress to better help in the healing process.

Unfailing 360

Filson Headquaters - Seattle

Filson Headquaters - Seattle

The fine folks at Filson asked us if we could help them out with their USFS appreciation project. Our part in this initiative was to create a 360° experience of the Heybrook Lookout Tower. We provided all the Filson store locations with a custom Gear VR app for the participants to view during this national event. 

We headed up to the Heybrook Lookout to capture the experience of being out on the observation deck of the cabin. Here are some behind the scenes shots and then go check out the 360° video here.

360° Video Production with Microsoft

We just wrapped a collaboration with Microsoft on a 360° production for their Technology Center. We can't go into too much detail about it, but here are a few behind the scenes shots. Plus a montage of the 360° video.